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Stor-Mor sheds are known for manufacturing sheds, shops, and garages in Idaho, the United States for a long time. One of the best sheds sold in Idaho are provided by Stor-Mor Sheds. They have been existing for more than twenty-five years in Idaho and have produced high-quality materials which are known for their durability. There are different varieties of sheds available when we look within Stor-Mor Sheds Idaho.

Classic Gable:

Not only it has a classy appearance, but this is one of those sheds which are effective in terms of functionality as well. It is made in accordance with the requirements of the Homeowners Association. This shed has a wooden floor, which is of greater durability and it would not be damaged when it gets into contact with the ground. The life of the shed is too increased this way. The lengths of the sidewalls may vary from 6 to 8 inches. Its vent looks very captivating and works well as well.

Classic Barn:

If you are looking for one of the most stylish looking Idaho Stor-Mor Sheds, then you can get a Classic Barn. It not only has an amazing look but it has a great storage capacity to accommodate the rest of your stuff. You can place plenty of sports items, storage boxes, and things that you no longer want to keep inside your house. You can stock items here, with the purpose to be used commercially. It has door handles too and you unlock the door using a key, keeping your stuff safe. The sidewalls are long enough, having lengths ranging from 6 to 8 inches. Also, a wooden surface is used for the flooring purpose and the shed includes a tongue and groove floor decking.

Ranch and Cottage:

Ranch and Cottage seem to be different from the rest of Stor-Mor Sheds Idaho. It has a large capacity to store your items as well as a unique construction. It has a rich grey color and has large windows on the front side. It tends to be useful for those who have immense love for gardening, as this shed is spacious enough to accommodate all the stuff for gardening.

American Classic:

This is a well-constructed structure which has been beautified and decorated well architectural shingles. Also, it has large doors with exclusively designed windows, giving a look of a stylish house in Idaho. This shed also consists of overhangs, which could be seen on each of the four sides of it. The floor is composed of wood and the doors have the availability of locks. It is, therefore, a beautiful architectural structure among the Stor-Mor Sheds Idaho.


As the name indicates, this shed seems to be modern in all respects. It has a new design and structure, with the availability of two vents, reducing the chances of suffocation and optimizing air circulation. Also, overhangs can be seen throughout the house. This shed is perfect to be used as a studio or an office.


Idaho Stor-Mor Sheds are a perfect combination of beauty and functionality. Sheds of different types and variety can be seen, all having unique designs and large storage capacities.

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