Choosing The Right Custom Storage Shed

If you can’t decide on what kind of storage shed you want to keep in your backyard, why not opt for a custom storage shed instead? Custom storage sheds are flexible, convenient, low maintenance, and curbs your expenses as well. As they allow you to be more in control of the design, roofing, flooring and the gates of the shed. Custom storage sheds can be made out of various material, such as Wood, steel, plastic, vinyl etc. They all have their added advantages but some are more prone to decay, rust, insects than others. Some of them are:

Wood – Wood is the most appealing materials used for a shed, but it can also cost more money. Wood sheds require a sturdy base, which is essential when you are building a shed. If the wood is not of high quality, it is easily susceptible to decay, fungus, and harsh weather conditions.  

Metal – Metal is a cheaper option than wood, and it is prone to harsh weather condition. If the steel used during the construction of the shed is of high quality, it won’t rust easily.

Plastic – Plastic is lightweight and convenient to use, it has proven to be sturdier than wood. They aren’t as aesthetically pleasing as the wood sheds, but they are prone to sustaining harsh weather conditions, insects, fungus, etc.

Vinyl – Vinyl is a sturdier material than both plastic and metal sheds. Investing in a vinyl shed can be expensive, but it is durable option. And they will add on to fit perfectly in your backyard for all your needs.

Idaho Custom Storage Sheds

Boise Custom Storage Sheds work in building barns, sheds, and custom workshops for people. They are based in Idaho, and work towards turning people’s dreams into reality. They use high quality materials in the construction of the custom storage sheds so they are resistant to decay, insects, etc. Custom Storage Sheds can be used to store tools, lawn equipment, bicycles, patio furniture, or any other item. Idaho Custom Storage Sheds and Phillips Shop Builders offer a great way to protect and assemble your equipment and tools in an efficient manner. You can have more control over how you want the roofing to be, what materials to use. The company makes sure to build a sturdy shed that is durable and suits the needs of the people to store their equipment.

With over 10 years of experience, they have been working towards turning people’s shed design into reality at an affordable price. The custom storage sheds are constructed to tailor the needs of the people. And they make sure to use high quality steel, wood in their construction and offer a design warranty on all the custom sheds they built.

They allow people to protect their equipment, tools that they can’t normally keep in their home, while also making sure that the design complements the style of your house. Investing in a customs shed company to build your shed will prove to be a long term investment.

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