Wood Storage Sheds vs. Custom Wood Sheds

Wood Storage Kits are quite common for building new sheds at an affordable price. Within a few hours, you can have nice wood storage shed. Still, that isn’t the only option. Some people prefer having a custom wood shed build. So what is the difference among them? Wood Storage sheds offer extra space for storing lawn equipment and tools. Wood Storage sheds can also be used to create a decorative outdoor entertainment area. Wood sheds have quaint styles and they can be modified according to the person’s requirement. They are perfect for storing large outdoor items, patio furniture, bikes, etc. So, if you are unaware of which would be suitable for you, we have compiled a difference between wood storage sheds and custom wood sheds.

Wood Storage Sheds

Sheds are a suitable option if you want to store lawn equipment, tools, and other belongings. Wood is the most appealing materials used for a shed, but it can also cost more money. Wood Storage sheds that are constructed with solid, high quality material last longer than the cheaper options. The design of a wood storage shed is equally important as is the need for its storage space. You can choose the kind of design you want when you are buying wood storage shed. Wood sheds typically contain a wood roof frame, and common materials for roofing, like asphalt shingles.

Wood sheds require maintenance that is why it is important to have side materials that are resistant to decay, insects, etc. Wood storage kits last over 10 years because of the material used in the siding walls, which is susceptible to rot easily. The wood storage kits don’t come painted and you have to normally pay more to get it done or do it yourself. And they require less room to customize the shed if you want to.

Custom Wood Sheds

Custom Woods sheds have their added advantage as they cost less than a wood storage kit, and takes less time to assemble. Custom Wood Sheds last longer than the wood storage sheds as you are choosing the material that goes into the construction of the shed.

Boise Custom Storage Sheds work in building barns, sheds, and custom workshops for people. They are based in Idaho, and work towards turning people’s dreams into reality. They use high quality materials in the construction of the custom wood sheds so they are resistant to decay, insects, etc. Custom Wood Sheds can be used to store tools, lawn equipment, bicycles, patio furniture, or any other item. With Custom Wood Sheds you will have more control over how you want your design to be, what materials are used, and curb your expenses. Custom shed manufacturers like Phillips Construction and Fencing located in Boise, Idaho make sure to use high standard materials to gain custom approval.

Final Word

So, both the wood storage sheds and custom wood sheds have their added advantages and disadvantages, which one might you think suits your need? As Wood storage kits can prove to be convenient and cheap, they are not a durable option. Whereas, investing in a customs shed manufacturer to build your shed will prove to be a long term investment.

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